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Casino Do Son ( Hai Phong )

Is there a Casino in Vietnam?

Casino is one of the only conditional businesses allowed with a limited number of legitimate casinos in Vietnam – 6 casinos. In which, currently only Corona Casino Phu Quoc is open to Vietnamese players in the territory of Vietnam. 

In the world, casinos are often located in key tourist cities, or near luxury hotels and resorts, therefore, they are associated with luxury aspect. In Vietnam, this trendy form of entertainment is not an exception. 6 casinos in Vietnam are being licensed to operate in areas and provinces with developed tourism such as Hai Phong, Lao Cai, Da Nang, etc. However, most casinos in Vietnam serve foreign visitors. This form of entertainment has appeared for a long time but has not been accessed by Vietnamese people .

Largest casinos in Vietnam

Casino Do Son (Hai Phong)

Casino Do Son was the first casino to be licensed to operate in Vietnam, inaugurated in 1995. Known as one of the most strictly secured casinos, Casino Do Son does not allow Vietnamese to enter, or even visit. Casino Do Son also states that cameras and camcorders, bags and foreign objects are not allowed, and guests under 18 years old are not allowed to enter.

As the oldest casino in Vietnam, Casino Do Son has experienced many ups and downs in financial matters. Specifically, after the first three years of losses, Do Son casino has made profits in the following years. Loss only returned in 2005 with more than 47 billion, and then it continued from 2008 to 2012. Up to now, the market share of Casino Do Son has narrowed, due to the fierce competition from newer and more modern casinos .

Casino Ha Long

Casino Ha Long, also known as Royal Casino Ha Long, or Royal International Gaming Club is located in Bai Chay. This casino has been in operation since 2003, covering an area of over 7000 square meters. Ha Long casino facility is modern with many tables and 70 slot machines, with a system of 5 popular games including Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. The casino is open 24 hours a day .
Although Casino Ha Long is located in a favorable location, due to its limited customer market share, its business situation is not very good as from 2013 to 2017 the casino continuously reported losses .

Casino Ho Tram Strip (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)

Ho Tram Strip Casino has been in operation since 2013. It was built at one of the most beautiful locations of the famous Ba Ria – Vung Tau beach resort, and is the largest casino in Vung Tau until now. Located in the Ho Tram resort and entertainment complex with a total investment of up to US USD 4 billion for the whole project, this is one of the leading modern casinos in Vietnam in particular and the region in general .
Casino Ho Tram Strip has 90 tables, 614 slot machines and it is the first casino in Vietnam to be licensed to serve foreign customers. The project is expected to be completed in 2020, the casino will be upgraded to 180 tables and 2000 gaming machines .
In terms of profit, Casino Ho Tram Strip is considered to be relatively profitable. Specifically, during the first period of establishment ( from July 2013 to January năm trước ), this casino earned US USD 7 million .

Casino Aristo Lao Cai

Casino Aristo is located in the center of Lao Cai city. It is a part of Aristo International Hotel of Donaco Group (Australia). Casino Aristo opened to customers in 2014, known as the largest casino in Lao Cai today with 300 slot machines and 48 tables.

The target customers of Casino Aristo Lao Cai are foreigners, mainly the Chinese. The revenue of Aristo Lao Cai casino was quite good : out of US $ 750 million USD, Aristo earned US USD 9.6 million, plus khách sạn revenue, Aristo Lao Cai’s total revenue reached US USD 13.11 million in the first half of this year. In năm trước, this enterprise paid tax of VND 185 billion .

Club Crowne International Danang

Club Crowne International Danang is located in Silver Shores International Resort on Bac My An beach, opened in 2009, on a total area of up to 15,000 square meters with 2 floors. The first floor offers a system of popular games in many casinos around the world such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc. The second floor is the area for VIP. Club Crowne International Danang has about 122 gaming machines and 22 tables .
Club Crowne International Danang only allows foreigners and Vietnamese citizens with foreign passports to enter. This casino is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel with more than 500 rooms, one of the luxury hotels in Da Nang .

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc

Corona Resort và Casino Phu Quoc is a part of the 5 – star resort and entertainment complex Corona Resort và Casino Phu Quoc, located at Dai beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on this planet. It is the first Vietnamese casino to serve Vietnamese players in the territory of Vietnam, which is opened from the beginning of 2019. Corona Casino Phu Quoc has a fully imported furniture system, 100 tables and 1000 slot machine. It offers 8 most trendy aand popular games from many casinos around the world .
Its area of more than 18,000 square meters is divided into 2 floors. In addition to the entertainment area, the satellite system is also heavily invested with a chain of restaurants and bars serving snacks and luxurious drinks. The casino campus also features a swimming pool, offering a luxurious and classy landscape, worthy of the title “ Las Vegas of Vietnam. ” .

In the first half of the year, Casino Vietnam Phu Quoc earned a profit of over VND 600 billion, proving a great attraction of this type of entertainment to Vietnamese tourists. Located in a resort and entertainment complex with a 5-star Radisson Blu hotel, high-end Almaz shopping and cuisine center and Corona theater, Casino Corona is more attractive than any casino currently in Vietnam.

Requirements on playing at Vietnam Casino

Since 2017, the Vietnamese government has changed the casino law in Vietnam as follows :

  • Foreigners and Vietnamese residing overseas with passports issued by foreign competent authorities. And valid travel document and legal entry into Vietnam.
  • Pilot program of allowing Vietnamese to play at Casinos for 3 years from the date when the first Casino is allowed to serve Vietnamese players.\

Since 2019, Phu Quoc Casino has been launched and piloted for Vietnamese players. The pilot period is 3 years, after which the government will consider whether Vietnamese people can continue to play at Casino .
That is a list of Casinos in Vietnam with legal business license that we would like to share with our readers. Hopefully, the Vietnamese government will soon allow Vietnamese to play casinos. Casinos will be ideal entertainment venues which generate a great source of revenue for the luxury resort tourism industry. In addition, the casino games are good at attracting customers. They provide chances to test luckiness and the opportunity to receive attractive rewards .

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